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The roof of your property has a vital role in the protection of your family and the contents of your home. If you have any potential problems then they should be addressed in a timely manner as to minimise the potential of larger damage and potentially higher costs.

We have a friendly, experienced and highly trained team of roofing professionals that can help you with all aspects of your roofing needs. Our main roofing services include roof inspections, roof repairs, roof cleaning, roof replacement and roof restorations

Roof Restoration Costs can change depending on the specific needs and circumstances of your roof. However, they are a great deal cheaper than a roof replacement or new roof and most of the time has similar results. Every roof is different and needs to be inspected so our team can provide you with an accurate quote. Roof inspections are FREE to you.

The free inspection service is also obligation free. We are very happy to come by and inspect your roof at a time that is convenient to you. We try to give the most accurate quote so that there are no hidden charges or unwanted surprises.

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Roof Restorations Port Macquarie

10 Year Written Warranty on Roof Restorations

Our Port Macquarie team has restored hundreds of roofs and specialises in the roof restoration process. A roof restoration is a great way to potentially increase the lifespan of your current roof as well as revitalizing the look and appeal of your home. It can also save you a lot of money by reducing any potential maintenance problems and the likelihood of any more serious damage. We offer free roof inspections and we will guide you through our findings to make sure you understand clearly what your options are for your roofing needs.

Roof Repairs Port Macquarie

Leak Detection
Metal and Tile Roof Repairs

Here at Roof Restoration Port Macquarie we care about the condition of your roof and the vital role that it plays in protecting your home and your family. We understand the importance of a well-maintained roof and are specialised in repairing all types of roofs and roof issues. If a damaged roof or leaking roof is left unfixed for too long it can lead to some more mayor problems such as internal damage, mold or even structural issues. We highly recommend repairs be addressed in a timely manner. Scheduled maintenance can also help to prevent any mayor roofing problems.

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